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Thread: Crazy stunt: real or fake?

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    Default Crazy stunt: real or fake?

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    Fake, obviously.

    This is a video editing site - it's hardly going to impress us is it ?

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    So fake.

    The trajectory didn't look right, the bubble-wrapped body looked like it was a cutout (and probably was) the body dynamics were wrong both during the drop and at the bottom and the stop was terrible. 80 - 90 Kg of body wrapped in bubble wrap will BOUNCE. Even NOT wrapped in bubble wrap it would.

    Even flinging a crash-test dummy off a roof would look more real.

    Anyone with a passing knowledge of After Effects should be able to do this. And better too.

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    Obviously fake, there was no splatter when he hit the ground. I learned something while watching that video, swear words are the same in Dutch as they are in English. I don't think the guys from Dirty Sanchez have anything to worry about. you should watch that, it shows real lunatics at work.

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