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Thread: the switch - connor franks. AS level coursework

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    As a first film I think this is very promising.

    It is absolutely bristling with ideas you have observed and attempted to copy - very successfully.

    As a demonstration of various techniques it works very well. As a film, perhaps less so, as the variety of techniques is distracting. But I don't think that's the point.

    Great job. And much better than many "student" films we see here.

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    Yes, it's got promising elements in it but needs works done on it. Firstly, the red colour you have used for your webpage has to go, my eyes are sore from looking at it. It is too bright, you need a muted pastel colour, anything would be better than red.

    Camera work is shaky, if you are going to move it then do it for a reason if not then it has to remain still. Let the action develop within the frame and then let it exit. If you need to follow someone to connect two locations or have continuous action then pan or tilt but otherwise don't do it. This will save you having to use lots of transitions and effects between scenes that may be similar and cause a jump cut.

    Character development and plot are weak. Who is the main character, what motivates him, why is he in the forest, why is he being followed? You don't have to reveal everything but these parts are weak at present in your video. The person following him isn't believable, baddies rarely wear similar type clothes to the main character or hero, I know it's a bit of a cliche but dressing him in dark clothes and making him more menacing would make him more believable.

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    There is a lot to learn about film making, stay around the forum and you will pick up more help and advice. At least you can take the criticism in a positive way unlike some people who are a lot older. I didn't know you only had 25 scenes to get your story across, a breakdown on the type of restrictions imposed may be useful to flag the next time. But having said that tv advertisements have a lot less scenes and can tell a story in less time aswell. Getting the length of a scene correct takes a lot of time and practice and it's more of a gut instinct than anything else.

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