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Thread: I need help Capturing footage with my HDV-V1U using final cut Pro

  1. Default I need help Capturing footage with my HDV-V1U using final cut Pro

    I recently got the Sony HVR-V1U and I recorded the footage on HDV tapes, recorded 1080i. My question is what settings would I need final cut to be under to capture this. I kinda just used the ‘default’ settings earlier on and got something like this . I am not sure but I think I think I should be getting better video quality than that no? You might need more information, so just ask me what you need and ill get it.

    Thanks a lot!

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    For 'default' settings do you mean DV NTSC/PAL? You should choose the easy setup HDV 1080i and that would get you the full quality image.

    You also might want to deinterlace your footage to using something like JES Deinterlacer to get rid of those lines where you see movement.

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