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Thread: Studio 11 and constant re-rendering. Why?

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    Default Studio 11 and constant re-rendering. Why?

    Hi all, first post here.
    Am trying to make a video starting from footage I took from a Panasonic 1280x720 digital camera. Trying is the keyword here...
    After preparing the clips in VirtualDub am not putting them together in Studio 11 but is a real pain.
    Part of the issue is my PC isn't exactly new (Athlon 3400+, GeForce 6200, 2Gb RAM) so long rendering times in 1280x720 are explainable. But the real problem is that studio renders and keeps rendering clips even if they haven't been modified!
    Let's say the movie is made up by 20 clips.
    I add clip 1.. render.. ok
    I add clip 2.. render 1 & 2.. ok
    I add clip 3.. render 1 & 2 & 3.. mmmmrrrrmmmm
    I add clip k.. render clipk-4 & clipk-3 & clipk-1 & clipK and so on.
    Besides clips added also clips that were resized in length (in the timetable view) are re-rendered again. It doesnt seem reasonable, no changes has been made on them.
    If i switch
    from editing to render (the entire video) voilą! render again! If i reduce a bit the length of the music (separate audio track) there we go again, re-render!
    On the movie am making render time is about 4-5 so long waits. Actually am waiting for render to finish right now..

    So, is there an option or a patch to have rendering behaving a bit smarter? like don't re-do what hasn't been changed?

    Thank you

    P.S. as a side issue preview video in the topright frame will hang on 1280x720 clips. Just plays a few seconds then it hangs...

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    I think your CPU is probably underspecced meaning that the processor has a backlog of tasks - Do you have 'background rendering' enabled, and if not, do you allow time for the rendering before attempting the next edit step? - If you can afford it I suggest you go for a core duo or a quad core set-up. The Intel i7 processor range is currently top of the tree.

    Set preferences to 'background rendering'.

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