Iīm looking for some help, maybe someone can suggest something. I eddited video, but then my computer motherboard crashed and I had to change this and some other hardware. But all data remained on HD. Then I had to change HD too, but saved all data. So, I put everything back together and it works fine, but something weird happened with my Premier (0.2) project. When I open it, then some parts of project in timeline is fine, but some parts are just black - no picture, no sound. Itīs strange, because these are all frames from one file - how can some of them look ok and some be missing? Also, thereīs dark gray stripes at the head of some frames. Premier doesnīt tel me or ask anything. Music I had put in there before computer crashed is still there and works fine, even some that have changed locations :S This is quite a puzzle for me.
Iīd appreachiate any help!