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Thread: How do I edit footage?

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    Default How do I edit footage?

    I am considering buying a Canon MD205 but have read that I will need to buy a firewire card and cable if I want to edit my videos.

    I have a laptop as my only computer - will I still be able to upload my footage and edit it? What exactly is a firewire card? Can anyone help me and give some advice as to how I can go about editting my videos?



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    A firewire card is a card that contains a firewire port that you can connect your hardware too(camera), firewire is alot faster than for example usb. Typiclly used for quick transfer of rawcamera fotage to your pc. Im not a hardware nerd so thats the best way i can define it

    As far as editing software goes there is alot of programs you can use, Adobe premiere, avid, magix movie edit pro etc. If your just starting out id suggest searching around on google until you find a portal page wich hosts free editing software, then you can download some diffrent ones and start trying and finding your needs.

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    Depending on the age and spec of your laptop it may or may not capture video from a mini dv camcorder smoothly. You may get dropped frames during the capture process as data cannot be written to the hard disk fast enough. If your laptop doesn't have a Firewire port, check to see if it has an Express card slot or the older PCMCIA slot. I bought a laptop recently and it didn't have a Firewire port but it did have a PCMCIA slot so I was able to buy a card with 2 Firewire ports on it and this card just fits into it.

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    Thanks for the information guys!

    This thread is very informative....

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