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Thread: Black Borders Top and Bottom on 16:9

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    Default Black Borders Top and Bottom on 16:9

    Hey, I've have captured a whole load of footage from my Mini DV Camera to my computer....the camera records in Standard Def 16:9 so it should fit my monitor perfectly but I get blacked out borders at the top and bottom....

    This isnt so bad really on my computer monitor as there only about 1/2inch thick and the footage is watchable....

    But when I export to DVD and playback on say a 28inch Standard Def TV the lines are about 1-2inches Thick and totally ruins it in my opinion.....

    Oh one more thing when I watch the video back in the preview window of Corel Video Studio X2 Pro there are no borders and it fits the preview window perfectly...

    Any idea's why this happens or how I can fix it?

    King Otoss

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    is your standard def tv widescreen?

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    yes sorry it is a 28inch Wide Screen....

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