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Thread: Locking and moving all tracks

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    Default Locking and moving all tracks

    I'm in the middle of a project, with about six tracks, (video, audio, overlay, titles etc). Completed the edit, but now wish to insert another sequence half way through. Having lined everything up painstakingly, I don't want to get the tracks out of synch, so I was going to split all tracks at the relevent point, and line them all up again after the insert.

    I'm thinking there must be a way of locking the tracks together to move them in one move, but hesitating to try it in case it cocks everything up.

    Am I looking at a Post-edit ripple, going to Edit-Post Edit Ripple-all tracks, or am I wide of the mark? Your advice as ever is greatly appreciated.

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    You can use the edit ripple and make sure it is set to all tracks and then move the one that is furthest to the left.

    You can also highlight all clips (use one of the Icons) using the CTRL I buttons to scroll through the different icons to get to the one you need, then you can right clip and press G then N to group them and then move as desired.

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    So what you are asking for is Locking and Moving "Events". Events are NOT Tracks. Events sit within Tracks. The Edit Ripple tools allow us to move Events on the Tracks, whether it be the Event on the Track or ALL the Events on ALL Tracks.

    There is a fundamental difference that once appreciated, will assist you to explain your "issues" in the Future.

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