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Thread: Edited video size problem in permier

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    Lightbulb Edited video size problem in permier

    I have edited a video in premier and place my logo at the video. When i render video and save it increases the size of the 3 minute movie in GBs. Where i am doing the worng. any body can tell me?

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    At a guess, your source video is compressed using something like divx avi, xvid avi, wmv or mov format.

    By default, Premiere exports to the DV AVI format, which uses a very high bitrate, causing large file sizes. You need to export as another format and set which bitrate you want to use.

    You're not one of those people that downloads videos that other people have made and adds a new watermark to make it look like your own video, are you?

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    No i want to embed my picture at the end of every music video so that i can make my wish true of becoming as singer and model :(

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