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Thread: VJ promotional video - 2nd draft

  1. Default VJ promotional video - 2nd draft

    Hi there,

    I recently posted my first draft promotional video for a local VJ and, taking the comments on board at this post, have gone back to the editing and, hopefully, improved on the original?!

    Your thoughts on this version very much appreciated (now I've got rid of Sid Little).

    One issue I've noticed is that the aspect ratio changes between some clips even though my project properties and rendering properties match up - how do I get round that??

    As always, many thanks in advance.

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    MUCH Better. Now cut it in half.

    I don't care if the "client" wants three minutes, there's not enough subject matter to fill a three minute commercial/infomercial. No matter how lively you make the action you won't manage to maintain that feeling of action. The only reason it's maintained in (good) movies is because we're all itching to know what happens next.

    Possibly try to mix up the v/o with the music/montage shots a bit more - the v/o goes on a bit too long to be put all in one chunk.

    As for aspect ratio - it looks to me like you've set project properties/output to 4:3 but mixed in some 16:9 source.

    Watch your titles (also in 16:9) disappearing before the top of the screen.

    Minor point - "6 channel mixer" So what? If you're trying to say he mixes six channels of video, then say "six channels of video" - more meaningful to the punter.

    A great improvement all round. Well done.

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    Yep, a VAST improvement. Not sure I'd cut it down by a half, but certainly you could probably lose a minute by being more judicious with the edit.

    The voice over is MUCH better and losing poor old Sid has improved it no end.

    My one criticismn now is the font and credit roll at the beginning. Dump the roll and fade in/out. Looks very old stylee wedding vid. And the font - you really do need something more jazzy or modern.

    100% improvement though, well done.

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    Thanks so much for your constructive comments - I'll have another little jig around with credits, font etc and get that aspect ratio issue sorted.

    Is there a way of changing each events aspect ratio (perhaps in its own properties so I get them all to match?)

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    Job done - my consultancy fee is in the post? - lols.

    Hard to credit how much better that is.

    Maybe loose a minute, I would make the drunk people snappier with only the best bites used.

    Sort the scroller out - it disappears.

    In the middle I would condisor using some 3d track motion to slant the words with the back drop, like the video is.

    I hate the typeface at start - that typeface should be expunged from the intwerweb in my view - but I appreciate that is a rather personal opinion !

    Befor was a fail - this does what it aims to do. Informative and advertorial in good ways.

    Great vo.

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    [QUOTE=Mark W;112237]Job done - my consultancy fee is in the post? - lols.

    Well I did suggest the idea of setting up a paid co-operative Mark but if my memory serves me right you balked at the idea of receiving payment - lols.

    In all seriousness though really appreciate all the help from yourself and of course the forum - if this is what they mean by 'freeconomy' then hopefully I'll be returning similar favours to other forum users before too long!!

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    I suppose all this mutual support is just like that free economy thing.

    Loads of people helped me and continue to be there when i need em, hence i feel an obligation to do the same.

    If only all forum users did the same - present comany excepted - I especially HATE new posters who post shit films then whinge on when they get no feedback and cry to mummy when the feedback is honest - and never return the fav to tohers of feedingback.

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    That's a major improvement compared to the first one. The overall flow is much better and more slicker, the first one was stodgier and not dynamic enough. The voice over is great, glad you got a female V/O as this will appeal to both male and female client rather than sending them to sleep. It didn't sound like a speech at a Karl Marx rally but suited the suited the piece fine.

    For the font, look around the venue and copy or try and find out who did the name of the venue, above the front door or entrance? Ask the owner for the name of the person or the company that designed it and phone them up and ask them what typeface they use or maybe the owner knows the name? If it is reasonably readable then try that and by doing that you are tying the video to the venue by using the same typeface. The production and music credit at the end are almost invisible, surely you want to make them much bigger?

    I did notice a few flash frames near the start, where you trying to cut to the beat of the music and it didn't quite work out? It doesn't work for me and needs to be re-edited and put on the beat or taken out completely. At just over 3 minutes it is too long, a few scenes that show people being interviewed (some are inaudible) can be dropped. Overall, I liked it a lot but it could do with a few tweaks here and there.

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    Angry Magic BUllet

    Magic Bullet would anyone why Magic Bullet is not installing correctly in fcp?

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