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    What sort of stabilisation equipment do members use (appart from tripods or monopods), I am looking at getting a steadycam system.
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    I can see the advantages of them - those smooth, gliding shots, but the harnesses, vests, whatever they are called, look pretty ridiculous to me, or rather the people that wear them look pretty ridiculous when they are wearing them.
    I'm currently experimenting with a pilot-less drone, no straps, buckles or pads, I can't say any more because it's hush-hush...

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    Get a monopod.

    Put it on the camcorder

    Hold the monopod (not the camera) Do not rest it on the ground

    Voila! Poor Man's Steadicam

    (It works on the pint of beer principle - If you can carry a full pint glass without spilling a drop...)

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    I've got a Glidecam 2000 but it's barely been used despite the promise to myself I'd use it!

    Don't get me wrong, it's a fanastic tool, but I find you need a dedicated camera for it. Swapping from tripod to handheld to Glidecam is just far too much trouble in my opinion.

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    I've got the glidecam 4000 with smooth shooter vest. Would definitely recommend it!
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    We have recently purchased the steadicam regrets



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    I have gone beyond the drone thing mentioned above - anyone read the culture novels - my camera support is sentient and can levitate.

    I have had a go on a few s cam rigs and I just loved the Robocopness of it all.

    Stedicams are ok if you want steady shots.... TBH I find I genrally prefer the slight movemnt of a handheld walking camera for most shots. My camera is big and heavy so is easy to hold quite still.

    I could spend well over a grand and wear a bdsm looking harness and faff about for ages gettinbg into the thing to loose that slight movement - but it just doesnt seem worth it.

    I do however like those fast long tracks you can do with a s cam - just dont work with hand held at tem times speed.

    I am sure people at weddings like those swoopy along the grass and up the dress shots too - so Titanic darling -

    Seriously - I do fear that the amount of expensive kit can sometimes be in inverse proportion to the skills of the operator.

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    Hi Guys

    I have used the Indian "ripoff" of the Glidecam with a single arm and vest over the last season and it wasn't too bad for the price but somewhat "bouncy" ... as the current period is "offseason" (it's Winter down here and cold and wet) I do my gear upgrades in June and I sold the Flycam 5000 and got the Model 6000 which is pretty much a copy of the Tiffen Archer models. It flies very smoothly and uses a dual iso-elastic arm and a back mount vest. I would, of course like a Tiffen unit but finding $25,000 ++++ is a problem!!

    At around US$1250 and a few modifications the "cribbed" model does a very nice job!! Just don't over-use it at weddings!! I do the bridal arrival on a second cam on the unit (Main cam on tripod up front) and then use it during photoshoots.


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    I have made the SmoothCam stabilizer, you can check it out see what you think.
    Camera Stabilizer SmoothCam Support - YouTube

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