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Thread: Sony HDR-HC9 MiniDV HD -- Worth it?

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    Default Sony HDR-HC9 MiniDV HD -- Worth it?

    I'm really thinking about buying one of these.

    Is there a better consumer HD camcorder out there, or would this be satisfactory?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    If I had some cash for a small camera that would be one on my shortlist.

    I cant say much as I lack expirience of cameras of that sort but I think canon do a tape HDV cam at a simialr spec / price - if so may be worth hefting both.

    The version of that camera that is far more effective as a cmera for a keener is the pro version with added untility.

    Sony : HVR-A1E (HVRA1E) : Product Overview : United Kingdom

    But I think it is considerably more money.

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    Thanks for the advice, Mark.

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