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Thread: Help please, Canon XM2

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    Default Help please, Canon XM2

    Please can someone help
    On trying to download my latest tape to the PC from my Canon XM2 using firewire to Sony Vegas 8, at first Vegas told me the camera was not connected then the picture in the cameras preview screen started pixalating and breaking up, still not found on Vegas. When I unplugged the camera the screen on the camera still showed DV IN suggesting the camera was still conected to the PC. Now if I try playback through the camera the picture just pixalates and appears stuck even though the meter suggests the tape is playing and the screen still says DV IN even though it's not attached to the PC.
    Does anyone have any ideas?
    Am I doing something wrong?
    Should I contact a canon service centre and if so which one?

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    Sounds to me like you haeds need cleaning - tried that ?

    When capturinf in vegas clogged heads can cause the cature software to seem to forget ( often temporary) the camera is there often seeing the camera again when the canera is turned off and on and or the capture s ware is relauanced.

    My thoughts are that clean heads and a stble camera output will sort this.

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    Thanks Mark,
    I gave it a try and ran a cleaning tape through but to no avail, someone else on another forum suggested it may be something to do with the menu as the camera appears to be set on DV IN but unfortunately it seems that this sets automatically. So unless someone comes up with any ideas the camera is off to the repairers, what is worrying me a little, and maybe I'm being a little paranoid, but could this have happened by a signal going back to the camera through the firewire connection?

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