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    Hello All,

    We have just signed up so please forgive the lack of content on our profile.

    We are hoping that there is some help out there for us.

    Over the course of the next few months we have some productions in the pipeline such as documentaries, music videos and the filming of some amateur productions for DVD. We have managed to obtain some contracts such as location release, actor, crew etc. etc. however we need them to be tailored to our needs via legal representation and advice.

    Is anyone able to advise us of an individual or any legal representative that could look over these contracts for minimal costs?

    Thank you for reading and hopefully helping.

    Scott Thompson
    Seaside Films

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    I would suggest that if large amounts of cash are involved and there is any chance of litigous stress that you get the contracts looked over by a solicitor in your employ.

    Off the record advice may not be safe.

    I dont do much paid work and usually only projects i am in total control off - if people start talking contracts or if I think I may need one I turn the job down - too much hassle and if I dont trust them I dont work for them. I like to work on hand shakes and negotiation. Reckless possibly.

    I think it helps that I have a rep as a guy not to mess with too in these parts - lols.

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