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Thread: tryingn to go for a scanner darkly look

  1. Default tryingn to go for a scanner darkly look

    i've been obsessing over the 'a scanner darkly' effect for the past few weeks. and to be honest, that is what got me into video editing. so my experience with video is about 2 weeks! since then i've learned basics of quicktime pro, and sony vegas pro.

    otherwise, i'm just an amateur photographer, but it has lead me into video!

    my first attempts at the effect were miserable. i simply used posterize filter, and the result was laughable. for my most recent effort (below), i spliced the video into images, and then using photoshop i applied a bunch of filters, i then batch processed the images, and then put them back into video. i then used sony vegas to do some final touches with contrast mainly.

    i know its not perfect, but it is better than my previous attempts. and of course, most importantly, i took out the color, which was my only choice :(

    i read about and also attempted to rotoscope frame by frame (which is why i decided to go for a very short test clip)... but after the second frame, i realized that i have a life since it took way too much time.

    would love to know what you think about the scanner darkly mimic, and would be open to any advice or tips you could give me for my next attempt, thx!

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    Lols - rivetting video.

    I like the look you have creted but it isnt the same.

    I actually turned the film off cos I hated the fake cartoon look - and I love the original story.

    I havent checked but I am gussing the work was partly automated but that much of it was frame by frame work by skilled people.

    I still tried to copy it - tried edge detect, median, and a few other things - untill it danwed on me I wasnt that clever - lols.

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    yeah, i know, its pretty insane how they do that. as for the video, i guess this is the wrong place to put it, since its just me brushing, and not even a real final product. but i think i'm going to have to give up trying to get that looks. its impossible. and even though what i produced took a very very very long time. i am sure that there is some plugin out there that would do the job for me.

    i actually came back to just say that i don't have a video camera (and probably wont in the near future), so for now all video i take (including the one above) was using the hd feature on my panasonic lx3. its only 720p and the quality is no way near a dedicated camera, but oh well!

    thx for you comment

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    Like Mark I loved the look you've created. Living on another planet I hand't heard of A Scanner Darkly so had to grab a quick look at a trailer. Doesn't appeal. I prefer your look.

    It reminds me of (though isn't the same as) films by Barry Lockwood an amateur filmmaker from Huddersfield. He's sadly no longer with us, but his films have not only an original look but a definitely left of centre theme.

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