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Thread: Vegas 8.0b - Render Problem

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    Default Vegas 8.0b - Render Problem

    Hi All,

    I have just finished creating a music video, made up of videos taken from two XVID sources (they are same aspect ratio & everything) ... it plays fine within Vegas but won't render :( .. i just get a black screen

    after doing some reading, i have found that it is most likely to do with the fact it's xvid sources AND i have sped them up..

    to test the xvid sources i imported them again in a new project & they rendered that leads me to believe that it is the speeding up that causing the error

    now i have spent a few hours on this & im afraid that if i have to convert the source videos & then remake the project, i will loose motivation & just wont do was painful enough in the first place!

    Option 1) If i upgrade to Vegas 9 can i open the .veg file in it & then render, in the hopes that the xvid/timeshift bug (or whatever we want to call it) has been fixed ?

    Option 2) Can i convert the xvid (.avi) files to another format, say uncompressed .avi file & trick Vegas when i open the .veg by replacing the xvid in the original folders with the uncompressed .avi files with the exact same filename? so when it tries to retrieve the xvid files it will infact find the uncompressed .avi files?

    has anyone else had this problem & actually have fix or a better option for me?

    any help or advice would be greatly appreciated...i hope to share the video once i can fix this issues!

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    You can do the fooling quites easily, have tow folders with the different clips in the appropriate clips, make sure the clips are named the same, then do you project in folder A say and then when you have finished, rename Folder A to Folder X and then when you open Vegas it will ask for the location of the files point it the other folder and it will pick up all the clips for you.

    You can do the conversion use Scripts, put all clips on the timeline, then double click a clip and it should be highlighted press R this will make a Region of the clip do that to the other clips required and use the batch render and look out of the buttons at the bottom of the window on the left that say render regions then leave and all the clips will be converted automatically to the new files as per render, there is also a script that will name a region a ot the same name as the clip as well

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    One - unlikely.

    Two - yes.

    NOTE - xvids, divx, and other web swied material IS NOT EDITABLE.

    DV, HDV, some MPEG, some MP4 if complied with editing in mind - editable but HDV slower but fine. Camera / transport codecs.

    DIVX, XVID, WMV - May edit but will often cause weird random errors. Delivery codecs, never meant to be edited and not compiled in a way that facilitates this.

    Vegas is very good at trying - better than most - but it will cause irritation every time.

    Also if you are copying other peoples stuff it is essential to ask if u can ( if an individual, stuff the big corps ), always credit the source.

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    Thanks lads, i will give the 'fooling' option a go tommorrow morning...i have put it to bed for the night & hopefully tommorrow is a success ... actually i will start converting the xvid's to uncompressed files overnight

    once again, i really appreciate your input...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fonzadelic View Post

    Option 1) If i upgrade to Vegas 9 can i open the .veg file in it & then render, in the hopes that the xvid/timeshift bug (or whatever we want to call it) has been fixed ?
    If you mean one of the current Vegas 9 releases - all of which are Movie Studio varients, then, no. VMS can't read .veg files (though Pro Vegas can read .vf files)

    If you mean Vegas 9 Pro - it's not released yet. (Scheduled for 11th May)

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    i tried converting the video using Vegas to uncompressed avi, but i had an error.. now i have tried it twice in Virtual Dub & had an error both times around the 45-48GB mark...i have attached a screenshot.. has anyone had a similar error to this, could it be that the file size is too large? I have about 400GB free on that drive, so that should be plenty!

    Anyone that does convert xvid to a usuable format for Vegas, keeping in mind i will need it to be a AVI file to fool Vegas when i replace the files, what process/program do you use?

    Thanks again

    Error Screenshot

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    I notice a Delayed write error, is the drive on that message the same drive you are writing t it seems to indicate it, I would render to a local drive and avoid the fire wire drive.
    I used to get the same message at random, best use USB.

    Would it be easier to do small chunks at a time, instead of the big one all at once?

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    Hey Z Cheema, the drive i am converting the xvid to uncompressed avi is on the same drive, its a local sata drive..

    i wouldnt be able to do it in smaller chunks because the original xvid video i used to chop up up & re-arrange (the video i need to replace to 'fool' Vegas) was the complete video, about an hour long...perhaps i could do it in say 2 or 3 chunks & then use a AVI joiner program that dosnt need to re-render it? the test would be whether it could join a couple of 40 GB+ video together

    next time i use xvid i certainly will be uncompressing it BEFORE i edit, or at least chopping it up as i need & render each smaller piece before i go doing transitions/layers & timeshifting etc...i have learnt a vital lesson here...but still i'm hopeful i can get this one done & rendered without having to remake it all!


    Great news! i managed to get this video rendered! I used Virtual Dub to split it in half .. about 40GB each, remembering i was having write errors once the files got to about 48GB..i then joined them back together using Virtual Dub & saving as 'Direct Stream Copy'..don't know why it was able to write this big file at about 80GB but wouldnt just do it in the first place!

    Then i moved the original xvid files & when Vegas couldnt find them i directed it to find the new large uncompressed files, from here i was able to render the video If i throw it up on YouTube or something i'll add a link for ya'll

    Thanks again for everyones input, i appreciate it !!
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