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    Dear Mr and Mrs Google,

    please put me at the top of the Google rankings for corporate video production company. I will be very grateful.

    Corporate Video production Company

    yours sincerely,

    Claude Buttocks - Lion tamer (retired)

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    Quote - "and, on principle, neither do we pay to be at the top of a Google search. Instead we rely on a steady stream of regular high-profile customers who appreciate our ability to work with them in producing video communications that reflect and enhance value"

    Well - which is it then? Pimping here or that steady stream of high profile customers?

    Oh, and "we've amassedan appreciative client base" might need a space in it somewhere...

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    ... well we're not actually paying to be here...... (oh God.. don't get any ideas..)

    Thanks for pointing out the typo..... I'm shit at that... should really have a font i can actually see.... or bother to spell-check.

    Who said professionalism is dead?

    I must go ..'s Michael Grade looking for a job

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    Ah ha!.... Bloody Dreamweaver.

    Thanks for pointing out the space missing... I saw yet another on the same page and did spell-check with Dreamweaver.

    FUnny thing.... it recognised that two words were strung together and asked if i wanted to replace.
    I hit replace.... bu then after completion of spell check i saw that it had simply shunted the word along to the right and up against the next word...... creating a different set of two words strung together.

    I will have to watch-out for that as i'm alwaysstringing wordstogether.

    The moral is.. don't blindly trust the spell-check i guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thurston Lang View Post
    Ah ha!.... Bloody Dreamweaver....
    My old mum used to say a bad worker always blames his tools. I, however am not so judgemental.

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    Andy I'm a director.

    You should know that actually....... i always blame the editor....

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    'Zaskar' - me first result. Not suprising really. Odd word.

    'bristol filmmaker' - me first result. That is suprising, and wasted on me - not updated web site for at least a year.

    I often come up on page 1 of an image search if you look for ' mark watson ' - somehow that makes me very happy.

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