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Thread: wedding audio equipment.

  1. Default wedding audio equipment.

    My camera is a Sony Z1. I'm about to purchase some audio equipment.
    Initially for use videoing weddings, parties, corporate etc

    I'm thinking of purchasing the AT875 or AT897 shotgun mic for use on the camera and interviews etc.

    I also am looking at the Sennheiser EW100 G2 Wireless pack.

    A few questions:
    Can the wireless and plug on transmitters operate at the same time to the one reciever on the camera?
    Can you use the plug on transmitter to plug into a PA system?

    Your thoughts on the equipment and the Qs much appreciated.

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    To answer your questions about the G2

    No, one transmitter for each frequency. If you have two items transmitting on the same frequency you'll get interference, not a mix of the two. You can, of course have as many receivers as you like but not the other way round.


    What you can do is set the plug-in transmitter to one frequency, the bodypack transmitter to another and tune the receiver to whichever transmitter you want to receive at the time.

    Out of the two microphones the At895 would be my personal choice.
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    Do you know the connections I would need to use the plug on transmitter plugged into a PA system?

    There are 5 different ew, A-E. I think E is for the UK. Do you know if this is the same in Ireland?


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    It depends on the mixer or PA which is in use at the venue. There are four common audio connecters and it all depends on which outputs your mixer has. most people buy a handfull of different connectors and keep them in their sound-kit box.

    The UK is Sennheiser Band - "E", I have no idea what the ROI uses. Sennheiser UK will help if you ring them.

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