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    I have a rather odd problem. I need the play time indicated on a generic media player (most likely Windows Media Player) to begin at something other than 0:00.

    I work for an infrastructure company that does video surveys. Our team travels from site to site recording the conditions of certain assets. They record their observations in a spreadsheet according to the time indicated in the video.

    I need to split these video files apart into their respective surveys, but cannot lose the timestamp information. Redoing thousands of spreadsheet entries is not a viable option. I had thought of embedding a running timestamp directly into the video before splitting it, but the powers that be don't want this either.

    Is there any way to do this? For example, if the first survey clip ends at 5:05, is there a way to get Clip #2 to begin with 5:06 at the start time indicated in the media player?

    Thanks in advance. I have 450 DVDs I need to process. You can see my dilemma.

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    i think the best way would be to put a timestamp onto the video. what software do you have?

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