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Thread: embed/object video into html page

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    Default embed/object video into html page

    Loading a video into an html page.

    I have partial success accept for one thing as explained below:
    After editing the video in Premiere 7 I saved it to a folder on my computer as a Quick Time (.mov) file.
    It showed up in my documents and played fine.
    I then posted the following into the html page where I wanted the video to play:

    <object classid="clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B" width="320" height="256">
    <param name="src" value="" >
    <param name="controller" value="true" >
    <param name="autoplay" value="falce">
    <object type="video/quicktime" data="" width="320" height="256">
    <param name="controller" value="true" >
    <param name="autoplay" value="falce">

    I uploaded to my website and works beautifully ACCEPT FOR ONE THING:
    Strange! When opening the page on the web there is no "skin" around the player ( I think "skin" is what you experts call it.) I mean there is no framed player. Just the Quick Time control bar. When you click on the start triangle on the control bar it plays fine. But with no "skin" it looks kinda' strange.

    Appreciate any and all suggestions.

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    Did the player have a 'skin' on it when you were playing it back on your computer? I'm no expert on html but that code looks just to be the most basic you need to get a simple and plain player to play on your webpage. What code you would need to add a skin is beyond me, maybe create it in a graphcs progam and load it separatly?

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    No Niko, it did not show a skin when played on my computer. Only the control bar showed. However, I could barely make out a dark square above the control bar. So I lightened the back ground and the black square above the control bar shows up nicely. And that is enough for me. I don't need a fancy skin. With further research, I find that to have a traditional or custom skin I would have to buy Quick Time Pro.

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    Try increasing your width and height. (especially in the size of the embedded object)
    Sometimes this is set to the video size and doesn't allow the player skin to show around the video.

    Also - shouldn't autoplay be set to 'false' rather than 'falce' ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thurston Lang View Post
    Also - shouldn't autoplay be set to 'false' rather than 'falce' ?
    lol that would probably be the next question.

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