So, Im trying to achieve this video editing aspect.
I want to record me playing somthing, then i want to sync that recording of myself to play back while i record my self again while i can hear my self playing what i recorded before, i need this effect to overlay around 4 times maybe more. my pc's powerfull enough to take it but my softwares pretty crap for what im using.
I have a Desktop mic and a webcam which im using. The video editing software im using to edit and record is "Ulead 11.5 plus." and i have another recording program that came with the webcam called "AMCAP" which doesnt work so well bcause when i try to record with that and try to play back using Ulead it crashes both programs so i cant use that.
Is there any other way i can get this? or will i have to bust out the old 1990's tape Video camera and hook that up some how? The video camera is a last resort option if any more info is needed ill be checking back every 5 mins or so.

By the way this a video that i made a couple of nights ago
[ame=]YouTube - VIDTUBE 1 song 1[/ame]
This is the type of effect im trying to get but i used a recording program first then acted as if i was playing it afterwards so its not what i wanna do again.
ill save my self now and say that video isnt the best, it was more of a test to see i could do it.