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Thread: Stupid green line when capturing

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    Default Stupid green line when capturing

    I get a thin green line at the bottom of the clip when I capture it from S-Video, how do I get rid of it? Could it be my video card or just something minor and easy fixed?

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    Hmm, Sounds like a common problem then. I am using a GeForce FX 5600 with my VIVO and have tried a to capture it with a number of programs including Adobe Premier and also the software I got with the video card. My digtal camcorder is a JVC GR-DVL 1020 but I don't think it's that because when I try and capture with video composite instead, the top of the clip has a small line that is black and sort of flickers that cuts the top of the image off like a dodgy VHS tape. I also lose a lot of frames trying to capture with Video Composite.

    Any other Ideas ?

    Damn good forum by the way

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