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Thread: Help me out please... Encoding decision

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    Default Help me out please... Encoding decision

    I have a Standard Definition HDD based JVC-everio MG-330 camcorder. I recorded about 7 hours (30 GB) of footage. Now i want to convert it to one or two DVDs. Can you please tell me which codec to use and what setting should i look for. Video quality is not as much a huge concern.

    I am using avidemux2 on Ubuntu.

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    MPEG2 is the way to go with the audio as AC3 to best use the space on the DVD

    You will need to set the recoding level to LP or about 3mb/s to get 3 hours on one DVD, normally 2 is the maximum for good quality.

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    Thanks for reply but keeping the file size similar how do you compare "xvid or divx" encoded video with the "3mbit/sec DVD (lvac)" encoded?

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    Cannot comment on that has never done it, but if the DVD is to play in a DVD player ad be compliant it needs to be MPEG2

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    xvid and divx are basically the same. xvid is divx spelled backwards...

    anyway for your dvd to be able to play them you will need to use some dvd authoring software.

    this should help you out.

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