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Thread: view video in browser before loading to website

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    Default view video in browser before loading to website

    I am new to this forum and am hoping that someone here can help me with a problem

    From the beginning.

    I shot a video using Sony XV2000 camcorder.

    Using firewire I uploaded to PE7

    In PE7 I edited the video down to a 3.5 minute demo.

    When it came time to "Share" I chose to share to "computer" rather than online directly to my website on my server. I did it that way is hopes of viewing the page on my computer before uploading to my server.

    I placed the video in a folder on my computer. An icon appears there that looks like a small film clip with the letters on it: MPEG.

    When I click on that icon the video automatically plays, and very nicely, in Windows Media Player.

    I then designed a page using HTML. But I cannot (don't know how) to get the video to appear on that page. I would like to see the completed page with the video on my computer before up loading to my webpage on my server.

    What do I need to do? Is there possibly an HTML code to accomplish this? "Imbed" or something like that?

    Anybody's help would sure be appreciated.

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    My help may not halp as I do m web pages using frontpage and dont really grok html.

    I had a look at my code for my film pages off my web site and the line that makes the video play is...

    <embed width="595" height="450" src="">

    Hopefully someine more qualified will halp too. That lines works with wmv and launches the player on the page.

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