I have an ongoing problem with getting Premier and my Canon MD205 camera to work together.

One possible problem is I am using a Belkin Firewire 800 card on my laptop which is 9 pin and then connecting with a 9 - 4pin lead...has anyone else tried this? Are the Canon mini-dvs capable of sending info to a 9 pin slot (the lead said it solved the reverse compatability prob but I'm uconvinced.)

Another issue is when I go into prefererences and device control and try to find my model, it's not there (although other canons are.)

Why might this be...please tell me there is not a known issue with canon and premier.

I also looked at whether the fact I don't have a driver or imag section on my device manager might be an issue, but have been told once the firewire works the driver should install automatically. The camera is def working fine and does device control on other comps (in i-movie).

Thanks as usual for any help