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    I got a problem with sony vegas 8
    If i am making a movie, and i trow an Video FX or transition on it normally u get a window that u can edit your 'effect'.

    But now i get a strange little window with no options at all. with all the effects i do. First i hadn't this with sony vegas 8..

    So i looked at sony vegas 7 and there it was just normal how it should be, but i dont know how i get it to normal in sony vegas 8

    This is what is showing on sony vegas8

    This on sony vegas 7, how it should be!

    Do u people know how to get this normal?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hover around the top part of the grey box in the 8 window and the mouse will change to indicate you can pull it down - this will reveal the sliders and stuff.

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    hahaha, im so stupid
    Thanks alot!

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    Have you registered your product with Sony? What Version Name and build of the s/w are you running?

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    I think you'll find this is a website......
    Suggestions: Do you have to render to AMV? Have you tried rendering to a different format? Have you tried rendering a different file to AMV? Could be something on the timeline Vegas doesn't like. You need to do some legwork to narrow down the cause. No one here has a crystal ball! Could be you'll have to put in a support ticket to Sony - they're far and away the best people to know what that error message you're getting really means.

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    It seems saraan2008 was using the spamming trick of posting copied text into existing threads. The text included a spam link, as did 5 other posts. The user has been banned and the posts deleted. Sorry for the inconveniance guys.

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    Thanks Marc . ..

    What an utter "tool" . . . . .

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