I'll try and explain my query as quickly and succinctly as possible.
  1. Have just bough Panny SD20EB HD camera - works great
  2. I can import scenes into Vegas Platinum pro trial edition v9.0b from the SDHC card put into card reader of PC
  3. I burn to standard DVD (don;'t have blue ray burner at present) using blue ray video template - either 1440x1080 or 1920 x 1080 as Main Concept MPEG 2 file (expecting to get a .m2t file format burnt)
  4. file renders and burns ok but i end up with a m2ts format file - not expecting that
  5. i took discs to local specialist shop and put into Panny BD35 blue ray player but it said format/disc was incompatible
  6. guy in shop asked if disc had been finalised - as there didn't appear to be an option to finalise in Vegas i suggested that it hadn't
  7. came home. looked for finalise option in Vegas but couldn't find anything
Anyway, am i missing something here - my aim is to:

  1. import projects from Panny camera
  2. burn to standard DVD whilst maintaining HD quality (appreciate will not get many mins on a dvd disc) and be able to play in Panny BD35.
I understand that I won't be able to add titles etc.. with this version of Vegas (need pro to do that?) as I need to burn staright from the timeline with no editing??

Any help or advice will be appreciated.