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    I shot an event yesterday, book the footahe appears to have a zoom motion as if the lens is readjusting and it does this quite a bit trough out the footage, is there anyway to edit this post prod? The lighting/flashing of photography seems to be the cause of this happening.


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    Sounds to me like autofcous doing what it does best - screwing up shots.

    It's hard to avoid on most cameras but autofocus is a joke if the footage you are shooting is of any importance - especially in low or changing light.

    Not possible to fix in post I am afraid.

    Never use autofocus unless you dont mind the possiblislty of af ruining all you shoot.

    My pro camera has no af - they never do.

    OIn my small dv camera I use it all the time cos I use that to shoot in a different way - just grabbing the momnet where quality is less important.

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    in that kind of situation i find it best to let the auto focus to do its job to start of with and then turn it off.

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