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    Hi, I'm new to this site and new to all the video editing also! Just wanted some help with regards to movies shot on mobile phones. I have downloaded some movies shot on my mobile phone onto my PC, but when I am playing them back they are playing in landscape format, which isn't a problem for the movies which have been shot in landscape but is a problem for the ones that have been shot in portrait. The mobile phone that I have is a Nokia N73 and the movies are in MP4 format. The editing software on the pc I am using is Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 Suite Version: 1.0.044. I have contacted Roxio but they weren't very helpful and their advice didn't sort the problem. The movies also play in real player/quicktime player but again aren't playing the right way?! Please could somebody help with this problem as I need to copy these movies to DVD. Sorry if its not very clear, its the only way I can explain it! Thanks in advance.


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    A bit of advice, don't make movies from your cellphone. The quality is from like the 1970's and it's blurry and skips and freezes. But if you must, there should be a setting on your phone under the video options to change the size of it.


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