Deadline 27th July 2008

HUMTOO is a site for film-makers who are looking for music for their films. Film-makers can create a project on HUMTOO and find suitable music by posting a project that our music making community bids for by pitching their tracks. When the project closes, the film-maker chooses the track they want to use for their film.

HUMTOO is currently running HUMFEST, a new project development contest offering a 450 prize for the best film (or part thereof) that sources music from HUMTOO and the same amount for the best music pitched for that film.

The film maker can add the budget they have (if any) for the music they are looking to pay for their project.

The site is at HUMTOO - it's totally free to sign up, create a project and to pitch music.

For more info about HUMFEST check out: YouTube - HUMFEST ON HUMTOO - win $1,000 for your short film! makes it only about the music.