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Thread: SONY DSR-PD170 or Canon XM2

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    Default SONY DSR-PD170 or Canon XM2

    I am trying to buy a videocamera for around 800 pounds that allows for semi professional recording.

    (I am planning to record documentaries).

    Based on the reviews on the internet I am interested in the sony models DSR-PD170 & SONY DSR-PD150 or the Canon XM2

    I have a few questions regarding these models.

    1) How does the sony models compare to each other?
    I have read some reviews that claim these 2 cameras are basically the same?

    2) How do either of the sony models compare to the canon XM2?

    Any comments most appreciated


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    PD170 is significantly upgraded fomr the 150.

    I think the 170 is true ws ccds - so no cropping for wide.
    170 is much less noisey in video - upgraded ccds and electronics.

    I have used a xm2 and a pd170 and they are very similar overall with the sony seeming more natural and the canon a bit more vivid.

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    Sony works better in lower light IMHO

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