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Thread: Need to render in very low quality (Vegas)

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    Default Need to render in very low quality (Vegas)

    Hey Im new to the site so hello to you all who will help. I have some basic knowledge on vegas, but now im in a situation i never thought i would have to deal with. I have a 30 sec video at around 12 megs, but i need to get it down to about 4 for this project.

    Is there a default format that is lower that MPG1?
    When i try to render at a smaller resolution (320 *240) no actual video is rendered and the screen is just black for 30 seconds...
    is there anything else i can lower in custom?

    btw im using Vegas Pro 8 or wutever, the free trial version

    basically what im trying to do is making a looping clip that i can throw in a power point presentation, a picture can mean a thousand words, but a thousand pictures makes a video. you dig what im saying here

    thank you for any help i get!

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    I just did a 47 sec 174mb file using the Vegas MPEG1 and that came down to 7.86mb. PLaying in VLC and it aint shabby at all? What are you doing?

    Can PP do WMP files? - If so I just did a WMP at 512kb/sec rate which crunched down the 174mb AVI file to 2.93mb. That any good? Why go with MPG? Is there a Powerpoint reason for MPEG?

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    You sure you are MPEG1? If you are using mpeg2 then, sorry, you need to register your download. The Mpeg2 is a Mainconcept licence and THAT needs to be registered. The MPEG1 doesn't.

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    well i dont see the codec WMP just windows media video... i pray thats not the same thing

    and my file is right now 22 megs with what i did before right now im trying to change it to avi and going to re render it again for it to be this WMV file

    and yeah with PP you can put in a ton of things anywhere from pictures to flash, everything

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    Yes, apologies, I DID mean WMV files - the WMP is the Windows Media PLAYER!

    Try the WMV at 512. It's preeeety good!

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    thanks so much!

    this is exactly what i needed!

    <3 8===========D~~~~~~

    love etc

    whatever makes you happy

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    Just for larfs .. I did a 720x576 to fill the Open Office presentation screen - it works! And that was the same 147mb file down to 3.03mb .. can't be bad???

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    nice nice now i dont have to do anything till next week at work

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