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    I used to use DVD It Pro 6 HD but since I've upgraded to Windows Vista, whenever I attempt to export the dvd to a .iso or to Video TS folder the software just crashes.

    So, Can anyone recommend a alternative Authoring Software please?
    I like to create the Menus as a video file (a video I've already produced in a video editing software and then to add Titles on to link to other menus/play movie etc.) I'd also like to be able to have altertnating audio tracks so the user can press audio button on DVD remote and turn commentary on or off. Is there any better authoring software that would work for me on Vista?


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    you could try running it in compatability mode. i use adobe Encore but you can only get it with premiere now and it is able to do everything you posted and more.

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    DVD architect from sony is very powerful app but also very expensive.

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