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Thread: Still have Studio 9 question

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    Default Still have Studio 9 question

    I havenít switched over to LE yet because I need to finish some projects first.

    Right now I am trying to make my first DVD in studio 9. I am using the menu options and have some questions.

    How do I make a link with my menu buttons?

    If I already have some video projects complete how do I get them to be linked in this new DVD menu? I have a couple of small music videos for Church that I would like to make into one DVD.

    Dave B

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    You are looking to create a DVD menu which links to more than one video? To be honest this is not what the embedded DVD authoring capabilities provide. It's purpose is to produce a DVD of the video currently residing on the timeline.

    What you need to do is either:

    1) Include the other videos on the same timeline and then create your DVD menu


    2) Use some dedicated DVD authoring software (like Roxio's Easy Media Creator, Cyberlink's PowerProducer 2 Gold, or if you want to confuse the hell out of yourself and go professional, Adobe Encore)

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    Quote: "1) Include the other videos on the same timeline and then create your DVD menu"

    How do I do this? I opened one video adn highlighted it then coppied it then opened the other video and went to the end then tried topaste but nothing happened.

    There'd gotta be a way

    Thanks again Lloyd,
    Dave B

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    If you have saved your other videos as avi files, you can open them as your source material, then drag them to the timeline.

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    Never thought about the AVI file thing. Good point. Now for another question...

    If I remember right in Studio 7 there was an option that allowed a person to scroll in there Titles from the left or from the right or from the top or bottom. How do I do that with Studio 9? I cannot find that option.

    Dave B

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    If you look in the top left corner of the screen when you bring the Title screen up it gives you the options, still, up, or across. just click one before making your title. Or if its already made drag it on the line and double click it. Then decide which way you want it to go.
    My experience with this is a bit crappy, and judders as it goes up. Across isn't easy to make it do it. I haven't done one complete.

    Good luck

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