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Thread: Random skateboarding montage.

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    *** Apologies to the moderators. I messed up with this thread.. so started a fresh. Did not mean to cause and trouble would it be ok to just have this deleted. sorry for being a pain.***
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    Sorry - assassins have already been dispatched.

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    Well, I wish i have video to post and show you to judge. I might some day and i hope this post still here. I am not get easily hurt by criticism, I rather used it as an advantage because criticism makes you see things that need to be improved and through that your also learning a lot. Cheers, Jenon, Denver Skatepark
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    I wish more people had that Were not overly harsh but we can be blunt. Just dont take it personaly all criticism is given to make you better not to break you down or make you mad.. I think you'll fit great here.. and please feel free to comment on other videos you see and ask as many questions as you can. If you can't figure something out with the forum just ask one of the mods or any member you want.. Everyone here is very helpful.. Welcome aboard and have fun. I hope you like it here..

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