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Thread: Premier Pro CS4 DV Widescreen outputting as 4:3

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    Exclamation Premier Pro CS4 DV Widescreen outputting as 4:3

    Hi guys new to this forum and im hoping this is the place for me to get some good advise on my problem.

    im using a MAC and Premier Pro CS4.

    i have footage that was shot in DV and then captured into premier using the dv widescreen present.

    edited the footage all okay.

    iv then gone to export

    selected quicktime, DV widescreen preset.

    when the video has finihsed exporting i then play it back and its 4:3 and very stretched.

    iv also tried h.264 using the dv widescreen preset and get the same problem.

    can some 1 please help as this is doing my head in.

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    The pixel aspect ratio of dv wide is 1.4568 and dv 4:3 is 1.0926.

    If you shoot in wide - capture in wide - project set to wide - render in wide.

    And the obverse for non wide.

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    Are you saying that the original footage is not widescreen? Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    yes orignal footage was shot on a widescreen camera but looking into it it was captured on a 4:3 camera.

    i should have my HDV camera back the weekend so im hoping to capture again and see what happens.

    Thanks Guys for advise

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