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Thread: hd footage at 16fps wont render or

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    Default hd footage at 16fps wont render or

    Hi, I have shot at 1080 with an Ex1. shooting at 16fps which gives me an mp4 file.

    first) adobe cs3 does not give me an option for 16fps at 1080 the closest is 24.

    second) the footage is chopppy and missing frames and often wont render in after effects, but if i just watch it on VlQ player it plays just fine.

    i tried interpreting the footage at 16 fps when i get to the workflow but nothing works. my intention is transfering it to after effects with as much quality as possible so i would prefer to export is as tiff or targa.

    Pls help!!
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    Shoot the video at a normal frame rate and reduce in post - if you cant get the editor to work with 16fps shot video.

    Why did you shoot at 16fps ?

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    Default thank you marK

    Good suggestion.

    But unfortunately it was a rented camera and I wont be able to re-shoot the footage. I shot at 16 to get blur and hopefully capture the feeling of motion.

    thanks again

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    when you import the videom right click it and click properties, what does it say in there?

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