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Thread: pinnacle 9 and two monitors

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    Default pinnacle 9 and two monitors

    I am using Pinnacle 9 and I love it, easy to use with some good features.
    I am thinking about getting a video card that can support two monitors and getiing a nice big 19inch monitor, which leaves my 17inch out of use.
    Can pinnacle support a second monitor, so i can use one monitor to see the results and the main one to do the editing?

    BTY, I am new to all of this.

    Thanks for any help

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    To be honest the software doesn't necessarily need to explicitly support dual screens. It will just see the desktop as being 3200 x 1024 (for example) and therefore utilise it. I don't know if Studio has specific two-screen layouts (like Liquid Edition) but I use all sorts of software with my setup and can span across the screens (you need to set this up in your graphics card software).

    By the way, the above statement refers to you connecting the screens via dual-head graphics cards. If you are setting up two graphics cards then it might be trickier.

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