Ok Guys, picture the scene. You've got 2500-3000 quid and you are about to buy one of these cameras. Which one do you choose. Sony HDR FX1000e - Sony HVR V1e - Canon XH A1 - JVC HM100u. Please help!!!

I want to make podcasts with a green screen so doing special effects is quite important but i also do some home movies so the progressive scan on the Sony's appeals for the film like cinematography. I know there was some issues with resolution on the progrssive scan on the PAL version of the Sonys but that is now sorted in the V1e.

I'm in a band and we do a lot of rockumentaries which do make it on TV, so I'm asking a lot from 1 Camera.

Any help would be appreciated, I intend on making a purchase this week so your replies are important to me.

I also need a soft global light for indoor studio news room type filming and a green screen backdrop if anyone can make any suggestions. Much appreciated.