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Thread: Camcorder that is better than quickcam 9000 at the same price

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    Default Camcorder that is better than quickcam 9000 at the same price


    I am using a Sony DCR-TRV 16E as a webcam right now, but it performs badly in low light environments, like my room at night. I was thinking of getting a Logitech Quickcam 9000, which is well praised everywhere, but I was wondering if there is any kind of second hand camcorder which would beat the quickcam 9000 qualitywise and would be at the same price. Which cameras would be such candidates? What should I look for?
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    Very old dv cams may be bad in low light and very cheap web cams are poor sometimes - but excepting that ANY dv camera will poop on ANY webcam fior quality - but so what??

    Nearly all webcmas work fine as webcams so use a webcam. The restrictions placed on b width a resoloution by connecting netwroks / net / s ware is the limiting factor.

    Many cams also will go into stand by automatically if the controls are not touched for a few mins.

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    Some of the old Panasonic models (mini dv) had a webcam feature and gave a lot better picture quality than any webcam. If you do a search of eBay you might find an NV GS70, NV GS200/250? or NV GS300, my apologies if I haven't got those numbers 100% correct.

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