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    Hey guys just wanted to get suggestions as to how to get an affect.

    For a school project we are marketing a jacket that transforms. What is the best way to transition from 1 form of the jacket to another form of the jacket.

    First we were thinking of stop motion to create the effect of the "jacket" (been worn) transforming, and adding a flash in order to make the transition.

    Although a group member has sony vegas and we want the effect of the jacket transforming to be professional. I was looking into a morphing effect on Vegas, but Im not quite sure how we would have to shoot the scene and all.
    Please advice and links to tutorials would be great.

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    It Sounds Like A challenge Im kind of stumped on how to exactly do that on Vegas. Im going to mess around and I'll see if i can find something and get back to you.

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    How does the jacket transform? If you simply want it to change colour this can quite easily be achieved in Vegas (Pro).

    If you want it to change shape then your best bet is probably to use two stills with the wearer/backgrund in EXACTLY the same position and use photo morphing software like WinMorph (pay for software is also available)

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    Can you define what you mean by transform? You're painting with very broad brush strokes at the moment and need to narrow it down to exactly the effect you are looking for.

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    Why not do a very slow dissolve. (Fade out with one coloured jacket covered by a fade in to another jacket) You'd have to get the person wearing the jacket to remain as still as possible though.

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    You could always mask it...
    Just wear the #1 jacket all the time and "paste" the other jacket on top of the other jacket...

    [ame=]YouTube - Sony Vegas Tutorial - Masking! Masking! Masking! (Revamped)[/ame]

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