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    Default edit pro effect?

    Hi, I recently posted about a specific effect which I am trying to get with edit pro. I want to blur the surrounding edge of the clip, or add a darkened edge, like vingetting (if thats spelt correctly). I've spent ages trying to create this effect with no luck, so if there is anyone out there using the same software who knows how to do it, pleeeeease, can you let me know?

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    just seen this post. Don;t know that softwware but in case it helps i can tell you how I do it in After Effects.

    Simply apply a eliptical mask and then feather the edge of that mask. instant vignette.

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    I haven't used that software but if you have access to an image editor such as Photoshop, create a black and white image in it, black in the centre to make it transparent and white around the outside to make it solid (opaque), when making the shape set a Feather of 5 to 10 pixels to soften the edge. Then go into the Channels palette and drag either the red, green or blue channel down onto the Create a New Channel button to duplicate it. Rename this channel as Mask.

    Click on RGB Channel at the top and go to File and save as a Tiff or PNG file so the Alpha Channel is saved aswell. If your NLE software can use Alpha Channels, then import the image into your NLE and locate the effect that makes the Alpha Channel transparent. If your software doesn't do that, it may have Luma Keying which can remove black or white parts of an image an make them transparent.

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