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    What is the best and most inthuitive video editing program, to begginers? I have "Canopus Let's Edit", "Adobe Premiere", "Canopus Edius" and, of course, "Windows Movie Maker".

    I should start where?

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    Horse for courses, mate!

    I've read posts where people claim that Premiere is far less than intuitive and they never know where the option they want is. However, I picked up the app easily.

    I think your best bet is, if you have all those, to have a play with each of them and make up your own mind.

    After all, what suits me may well not suit you at all and then any recomendation I make will seem poor to you.

    But having said that, I love Adobe Premiere and believe it will be capable of anything you're likely to need of it.

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    Well, Windows Movie Maker is free and so why not try it out? Also, most, if not all, of the others you mention have downloadable tryout versions. You should download them (one at a time so you get more time to play with each one) and then some online tutorials and see how you get on.

    Like Millsy says, it's very much horses for courses.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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