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    I have a passion for the old ways of special effects, sadly these methods are dying out, so easy to implement and your result is right there in camera. Everyone wants to push pixels around.

    This has become a rather elaborate deleted scene, lots of issues here and a lesson learned in script before the shoot.
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    Thomas the tank engine meets Thunderbirds.... interesting combination. This is like some type of alternative nightmare universe when things started to wrong for Thomas and his friends and the railway yard was taken over by.....? Good effects, did it take you long to rig those up, some nice camera moves, some were a bit unsteady, maybe the other train could have said something. I also liked the amount of detail in the models and sets. I just wonder how deep you can get into the characters psyche without loosing track of their purpose in the overall storyline?

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    This video has gone viral straight out of the box, just pulled 4500 views 36 hours after uploading, I never expected such a rush on it.

    For a throw away scene it has done very well, maybe I should have kept in in the movie.

    Oh well another lesson learned the hard way.

    Whats interesting I have only had a handful of views from these forums, there was a time when it was the other way around.
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    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    I found Andy very scary. Agree with Nikosony with only one thing to add.

    Thomas looks like he's leaning over in the pod. I know it's minor, but I found it really irritating and particularly surprising given your attention to detail.

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