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Thread: mpeg4 conversion getting out of control

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    Default mpeg4 conversion getting out of control

    Hey there I have some hd mpeg4 videos that I am trying to convert without any loss of quality. I have any video converter and avs video converter 6. This is what i am doing I am converting to avi with a codec of x264 1280 by 720 size video bitrate 5000 frame rate of 29.976. (trial and error open to suggestions) My firs couple of clips converted fine and I could use them in windows move maker or avs video editor. But the next couple of times I tryed this the video comes out fine but it is 2-6 hours long! The video plays then when it is done the screen just goes blank for a very long time. I can cut this off but importing becomes sucky and because it is converting such a "long" video it takes half and hour now! All of my videos are less than a minute long. Why is it making my clips soo long I tried using the convert stop time thing but it doesnt work.

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    For copnverotrs I rec super c - try that.

    Set output f rate to same as original - sometimes faster.

    You ALWAYS get a quality loss when converting. To minimize losses ensure you encode to higher bit rate than source file.

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    Thanks I will try that and let you guys know how it works out

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    Still no one has answered my question on why the videos get soo long after I convert them. I am happy with the quality that I am getting.

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