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Thread: Sony Vegas 7.0 Platinum- Masking!?

  1. Default Sony Vegas 7.0 Platinum- Masking!?

    Title says it all. I'm doing a video that requires masking. I was just wondering if 7.0 platinum has masking in it, I've looked around and I can't find if it has it anywhere!


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    No, you need Vegas 8 Pro to do that bit.....

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    4,5,6,7 or 8 pro.

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    Unles..... you count cookie cutter, then yes but they are limited ,

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    Vegas Movie Studio DOES have masking - What it doesn't have is Bezier Masks.

    If you want to mask something which stays the same shape then you're good to go.

    Create your mask as a white shape over a transparent background in Photoshop or similar - save as a PNG.

    Import this into track 1.
    On track 2 place the video you want to show THROUGH the mask.
    Make track 2 a child of track 1.
    Make the compositing mode of track 1 Multiply (Mask)
    On track 3 place the video that you want to go around the mask.

    (Sounds more complicated than it is)

    You can also use track motion and parent track motion to move the mask about.

    Alternatively, if the shape is regular, you can use the cookie cutter FX. (EDIT: Sorry Cheema - you just got that in whilst I was typing!)

    You can also use Generated Text as a mask (it has transparent background - and don't forget you have all those Wingdings at your disposal)

    Yes - I have Pro - and love Beziers. But I also had to learn the hard way with VMS which is very capable and sometimes requires a bit of imagination.

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    Tip: You would want, well I would, a reference still to work on within Photoshop or Paintshop Pro or whatever graphics package you have that allows you to save the Alpha channel as transparent (I use PNG) - and you do this by making a "Copy Timeline Snapshot" or save timeline Snapshot". Once you HAVE this reference still then either just import the Clipboard pic or import the Still into to your GraphPack you can start working. Just using the Copy and importing the still is good enough - it is ONLY reference. This way you don't have a separate still file knocking about, which you MAY not need in the future!

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