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    Hello All,

    I was using the answeres to vegas thread and found the crystal text tutorial and have a couple questions. (This is an awsome resorce)

    TimStannard, created a great tutorial. I have had prutty good success with it. However I can not find how to create the crystal effect with the text. I currently have (for about a month) Vagas studio platinum pro 9. I'm starting to think I need the full blown vegas 8 to create this affect.

    I can make the text move and be transperant with a film behind it on a black screen. I can not get that crystal shear look to it.

    Can you or some one tell me if the version I have can get that glassy look to text?

    Your help is greatly appriciated.


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    Hi Don,

    Thanks for the credit, but I don't deserve it. I didn't create the tutorial, only assisted someone who was having trouble getting that effect.

    I'm assuming you're referring to the thread

    To answer your question though, creating the effect does require the use of compositing modes that are not available in Vegas Movie Studio versions. Compositing modes are the way in which one track interacts with the track(s) below it. My Vegas Movie Studio Platinum (v6) only has two - Multiply and Source Alpha and I'm guessing v9 is much the same.

    So I'm afraid you really need Pro to achieve this.

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