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Thread: In need of some serious help!

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    Default In need of some serious help!

    Hello VideoForums,

    I've been given an offer to hook up with a store that revives old photos and other old homemade memory items (can't think of a better way to describe it right now) and convert their customers home movie VHS to DVD. I'm new to video editing and whatnot and have been practicing and trying out some different techniques, however I've run into a serious complication.

    Encoding with Adobe Premier Pro 1.5 to MPEG2-DVD format works great but when i try to make it into a DVD movie to burn with Nero Vision 9 the .m2v video section gives me a "Unable to insert D:\folder\x.m2v" error.

    This is my final step but I can't seem to figure out whats wrong. Having a separate audio track is a must but I'm stumped! Anyone else have this problem or, even better, know what I'm doing wrong? Any input would be great!

    Thanks in advanced!

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    I don't use Nero, so I can't comment on what you should be doing, but why do you not use Premiere to do all the work for you? Instead of using Nero to make your dvd at the end of the process, why do you not just export from the timeline in Premiere to DVD, the result is the same and you won't have to worry about getting settings correct.

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    I was only using Nero because of it's DVD menu feature. I'm pretty new to Premier but I knew Nero made it easy to add menus and chapters.

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    you can use nero completely from start to finish. it will convert it for you to MPEG-2


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