I have used AVS video recorder and converted an avi file to DVD. When it had completed, it had made 5 vob files instead on one of the full length. I had used nero to burn a DVD copying all the files in the output folder of AVS video recorder (VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS).

After DVD is burnt, when I play the DVD, it stopped at the end of the first .vob file and does not more to go to the second. I have not created the menu since it is only one movie lasting for 2 hours and not several movies shrunk into one dvd.

I need the following clarifications:
1. Why should it split one movie into so many parts.
2. Do I have a choice to tell the avs convertor to give the output as a single file to safely accommodate in one dvd.?
3. Can I join all the vob files into one vob?
4. If so, what software can be used to join them. Can any file splitter and joiner do the joining of a vob file?

Kindly help