I am new in this forum.

I am in search of a software by which I could make a movie to learn words with spelling. I need this for my 3 years old daughter.

The movie will work like following

There will be a word say 'Tiger' along with related still picture/animated picture. Now the aforesaid word will be spelled T - I - G - E - R, Tiger.

It will be better if there is an usage of TTS for spelling and brief the scenario.

I have already prepared a small movie through Windows Movie Maker.
I have added picture.
I have added sound which I have prepared with Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1.
I have added Title and Credit.

The sound quality is very poor.
Matching of sound with Title Animation is very painful.

I may send you the program if required by you for your perusal.


[Swarup Modak]